Sarah Breck


Sarahs Bio ShotSarah Breck has been training and competing in dance with an emphasis on Vernacular Jazz dance since the age of 10. She holds two titles in the U.S.Open and the Jr. Olympics. She has consistently worked in film; commercial and music videos along side artist such as Benji and Lacey Schwimmer (SYTYCD); Christina Aguilera; Fall Out Boy; Richard Blayne (Project Runway); mariah Carey, Will Smith and Gavin Degraw. She teaches with Dax Hock for Vernacular Jazz and Pete Green in West-Coast Swing.

A little more personal history :) ……

Sarah grew up in Santa Barbara County. As a child she did ballet..and hated it (but now loves it). When she was nine she crashed her brothers cotillian class and learned she loves to hold a boys hand while she dances. Even then, she wasn’t satisfied with the world of dance. At the later age of 10 she found a documentary on T.V. of Frankie Manning involving a Shim Sham demonstration. Next thing you know there goes Sarah jumping up on the couch and dancing with Frankie. Later she found out what she was doing was Swing! and with the amazing supportive parents she has, her mother found her a summer swing program for kids soon after. One year later she was flown to Atlanta Georgia to perform the shim sham with Frankie on stage. A dream come true for a girl who got to meet the man in the T.V. screen.

Around the age of 13 she discovered West-Coast swing. Entering her teenage years she was captivated by all the glitter, funky music, hip shaking and fancy footwork that she decided to try a different swing. This continued until the ripe age of 18. One night she was hanging with some friends (Mikey Pedrosa, Jo Hoffberg and Ben Morris) and they ended up dragging her to a Lindy dance. Being away for almost 6 years, her head exploded at the sight of seeing how much the dance had evolved and grown. From that night on she was hooked again and have been doing both since.

She went to college for fashion merchandising and spent a fall internship working at WWD in New York. After that, she started up a jewelry business which satisfied her for a while until she gave into her true love: Dance. She has been dancing since the age of 5 and swing dancing since the age of 10 but her dance life has always had to be balanced with school and designing. Now, she is able to give her whole heart to dance and perfect as timing can be, she became Dax Hock’s new partner shortly after this decision and now spends her days dancing away.

Sarah still owns her jewelry business and plans to grow it this year along with exploring the art of millinery. While Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz have her heart, she also teaches in West Coast Swing and enjoys exploring other dances like hip-hop, ballet, african…you name it and she’ll try it!

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