William Mauvais

Born in 1988, close to Monpellier, France, William willy1started couple dancing in 2002, at the age of 14 years, when he followed his parents in their weekly dance class. William wasn’t predestined to this art, since he was practicing ‘Football’ (soccer) from the age of 6 years. He was chosen many times to join the national team for his technical abilities. He excelled in his position as team leader and captain. William took a drastic decision as a young teen, and quit ‘Football’ to join the Montpellier dance competition team. He didn’t have to wait long for the prizes to come! In his first year he won a national selective and a Jack ‘n Jill. Then, four titles as France’s Champion AFDA and crowned twice Champion of Europe and the world in Boogie Woogie, under the International Federation of sportive dances from the WRRC. He is now spending his time practicing the many types of Swing dances. In 2007, William decided to suspend his studies (after earning a BAC) and travel the world to teach his passion. With great talent in dance, comedy and his unique style, William pursues his training with great choreographers in dance, but also in theatre. After standing out in the musical comedy, ‘L’enfer d’Euridice’, he now has strong artistic references. While he is a lover of many types of music, he now focuses on Swing and Jazz. He joins many musicians on their tours in Europe and to the United States. It’s with unlimited imagination that he creates all the routines and musical arrangements for his shows.

William has a very long list of achievements in competition.Latetly after won his fourth title of Boogie Woogie world Champion in 2010  he has recently won the 1st place in the Showcase division at LindyShock, 1st place in the Jack n Jill competition at Snowball, and also the 1st place in the Strictly division at the Boston Tea Party.

His human skills make him an unusual and attaching person, who shares his joy and knowledge with his whole entourage.

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