Ninjammerz at Frankie95 in NYC

Ninjammerz were proud to be part of the celebration of Frankie Manning’s life last weekend in New York City.  They performed their insanely fast routine ”Jitters” that was first presented in London last January, but they added a new couple: Thomas and Claudia.    Here’s the link to that video:

Max and Annie are also very proud of having won the Hellzapoppin contest! You can see the videos of the finals on our ‘Videos’ section (see top menu).

Finally, Ninjammerz were part of the show on Frankie’s life last Sunday, and they were part of the reproduction of the famous Hellzapoppin’ scene.  The participants of that piece were:

1st couple to dance (William Downes and Frances “Mickey” Jones) : Dax Hock and Alice Mei

2nd couple (Billy Ricker and Norma Miller) : Davis Thurber and Claudia Joyal-Laplante

3rd couple (Al Minns and Willa Mae Ricker) : Max Pitruzzella and Annie Trudeau

4th couple (Frankie Manning and Ann Johnson) : Ryan Francois and Lana Williams

A DVD of that show, and of the entire Frankie95 event will be available soon.  Stay tuned on for more details.

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