Tommy & Alice … On Tour

Hey Everybody ! Time to Blog a Lil’ bit …

Dawn HAMPTON & Tommy

1/Here is a clip of us improvising on the Grand Street Stompers in NYC in September 2010:  I would like to dedicate this dance to Frankie Manning, My first lady: Dawn Hampton, George Lloydd, Sonny Allen & Jimmy Slyde for being such an inspiration to me in the last decade.

I really like this clip, because i feel like this is so Alice & I … Also, it was really special for me to be in NYC performing with live musicians having some of the savoy ballroom dancers watching us … thrilled … By the end of this song i was just ready to explode but the band ended it up  … It was also Alice & i first dance of the night… I love New York City !

2/ Our Trip in Portugal !

It was wonderful to be able to go teach & check out the scene  ! Abeth Farag is doing such a great job there, she has classes in Lisbon & Porto. The city & the people are lovely, you should definitely go there & enjoy the people & their energy !

3/ Ninjammerz ( Max, Annie, Alice & I) in Grenoble & Rome !

Well … Grenoble has been my favorite swing event in France so far … it’s very special for me to go there every time. Vinnie (the fonder & ex organizer of camp) is kind of a father of the Ninjammerz in some way … i would say especially for Max, Alice & I… He has been supporting or dancing before everyone did & i will be eternally thankful to him for that & also for being such such a brilliant person & friend. Merci Vincent !!!!!

Rome … First time eva ! Awesome city & adorable organizers, Silvia & Bruno are totally dedicated to the lindy hop & thanks to them the art of swing dancing has been traveling a lot in Italia since the last 4 years ! I would really recommend that event as well … the bands are excellent, the competition is really fun & the organization is just off the hook ! see you next year ! Scream sister shout !

More later ! Wish you all a good christmas !

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